Stabilizer Sticker manufacturer

Stabilizer Sticker manufacturer

We are a leading stabilizer stickers manufacturer in chennai. The stabilizer is a powder-coated box used to curtain electrical load. There are chances of these boxes getting heated when in usage. Materials that we use in our stickers are flame retardant. We produce them as prescribed for stabilizer standards.

Why us for Stabilizer labels

At APS we present these stabilizer labels with custom-made embossed button. We provide a clear window to display additional functions. Polycarbonate and polyester bases will match the stabilizer norms. Being a manufacturer of  these labels for years, many adhesive options are available. 3M, Nitto, Sansui and Indian industrial adhesives are used by our customers.

Features of Stabilizer label

Our stabilizer label carries along many features and advantages suitable for them to hold long. We give a very strong characteristic, few among them are:

  1. Round Corner Edges
  2. Strong Adhesion
  3. Temperature Tolerance
  4. Touch Resistance
  5. Dignified depiction
  6. Moisture free