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Lab And Medical Device Label Manufacturers

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Lab And Medical Device Label Manufacturers

Anandha Print Solutions has been in the business of printing and manufacturing varied forms of printed materials for three generations. We have built a track record of printing a wide range of products specializing in labels and stickers, including those used in medical device labels and lab equipment stickers.

Medical device labels may come in various forms and may include identification of the device, instructions on how to use it, and other pertinent packaging information intended for the end-users.

Hence, due care is needed in the printing of medical device labels and stickers not only to ensure that it is compliant with the rigorous international standards required in medical device labeling but more importantly to identify the device across the global supply distribution chain as well as to guide the end-users: patients and health care providers.


Compliant to Regulations: Medical device labeling needs to adhere to strict government regulations. Thus our printing solutions include the exercise of due diligence in ensuring error-proof printing of the medical device labels and stickers that would be compliant with the state regulatory policies in labeling. We understand that these regulations are meant to ensure the protection of patients. A simple printing error left unchecked on a medical device or label may be disastrous and could pose health and safety risks to users. Keeping this in mind, we take our work of printing medical device labels and stickers seriously. We care about our customers and we value the rigid process attendant in medical device labeling that manufacturers, our clients, adhere to.

Device Identification: Labels identify the device and describe how it is to be used. It is also crucial in helping track the device across a global supply distribution chain from the manufacturers to the end-users.

Consumers Guide:  Product labels help guide the users of the medical devices, from patients, caregivers, and health personnel. The labels may contain technical descriptions and other practical information on how to use the device, what are the safety precautions, and how to safeguard the device, among others. Without a proper label, there may be risks in misusing the device which may lead to endangering lives and could spawn possible lawsuits.

Anandha Print Solutions is a reliable partner that can provide the printing support for medical device label manufacturers to address all these needs: from regulatory compliance, device identification, consumers guide, and other related demands. Our clients can attest to our capability in handling these rigid demands in the printing of medical device labels and stickers.

We closely collaborate with our clients in the labeling process ensuring that the printing is not just able to conform to the labeling standards but also is user-friendly – easily understandable and readable. It is important for us that the labels are effective in informing the patients and health personnel on the use of the medical device and equipment. We have competent personnel and experts to be able to help craft the label that meets the regulatory requirements and be involved with the client in the production phase until the end product is finished. With three generations of printing experience, we assure you of our competence and reliability in delivering the best printing results.

We are also equipped with the latest machinery and technologies available in the market to ensure the quality printing of stickers and labels. We also keep ourselves updated with the most recent technology in the field of sticker and label manufacturing. This is because we keep our customers’ goals and mission at heart: to be able to satisfactorily meet their expectations in terms of quality design and printing, conforming to the most rigorous international labeling standards.

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