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Rigid PVC Stickers

Rigid PVC Sticker Manufacturer


We at APS manufacture quality and inexpensive Screen Printed Rigid PVC Stickers. These are worthy of indoor branding. We offer these labels for good adhesive nature & noticeable appearance. Its vast usage has kept demand always on the higher side. It is the world’s third-largest plastic material utilized as of date.

Salt and oil are the basic material required for producing PVC. Then through the electrolysis process of salt, chlorine’s formation takes place. A combination of chlorine & ethylene obtained from oil leads to (VCM) Vinyl-chloride monomer. A further chemical compound in VCM undergoes a polymerization process to form PVC resin. Additionally, additives usage enables the production of PVC as per particular requirements.

PROS & CONS of using Rigid PVC Labels:

Soft Material:

Technically speaking, it is very easy to print Rigid PVC. The material’s softness enables the ink to melt onto the substrate. Thus, this enhances the life of the written text and objects.


As per our intro, as mentioned above, Rigid PVC is a plastic-based material. It doesn’t attract water hence its use is possible were-ever waterproof feature is a must.

Dirt- resistance

Restoration is possible if it is within the limit of damages. Any dust or stain deposited onto the PVC material is removable. It is not difficult at all to return to a former position.


When compared to plastic-based labels, RIGID PVC is the cheapest among all alternatives. Its manufacturing process is easier and it is obtainable in the local domestic mart. This is the reason behind its low cost.

Visual Appeal:

We can print by using various color ink as per your say. Rigid PVC stickers are clear and the artistic designs on them will upmarket your products.


These labels find an answer facing both outdoor and indoor capabilities. They are delicate to outdoor use but they can sustain for almost a year. It is advisable for indoor use to last long.

Temperature weakness:

it can sustain only up to 60-degree Celsius heat. Beyond breaking point for over a long period, the rigid PVC label will shrink and lose its shape.

Poor Chemical resistance:

Rigid PVC stickers will melt when it comes in contact with alcohol-based chemicals. The face material will appear blur after its exposure. Hence its usage is not advisable when there is a probability to be contagious.

Vulnerable to Scratch:

As we already came across the softness of the label. This PVC is sensitive to rough handling. Its usage should be less where ever there is a continuous human intrusion. After going through our product info, if you still have doubts? We would like to get in touch with you for a detailed conversion over the phone. Contact us or Get a Quote to move ahead with ordering your requisite.

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