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Membrane Keypad


What are membrane keypads?

A membrane keypad is a keypad that contains a flexible tail with or without a connector according to the design & application. The keys of membrane keypads have multi layers of polymer also known as polyester sheets that are sandwiched together.

The custom membrane keyboard contains silk screened circuits. The top and bottom layers of membrane keypads have conductive silver ink.

This custom membrane keypad is not only low cost but also extremely reliable and lighter than a PCB.

The design and outlook of membrane keypads depend upon various factors. It’s appearance may vary from model to model.

All you need to know about membrane keypads and membrane switches-

What is a membrane switch?

A membrane switch is also known as a flat panel switch. It consists of a polycarbonate overlay or a printed polyester that is adhered to a printed circuit.

This membrane switch keypad is an interface between the machine and the user. This enables the operator to communicate effectively with the instrumentation, equipment, or machinery. 

Features of membrane switch are as follows-

  • Backlighting
  • Shielding
  • Embossing keys
  • Sealing
  • Tactile free
  • Has graphic overlay capabilities
  • Switches are metal dome
  • Contains printed silver Circuit

Now that we have discussed what a membrane keypad and membrane switch are, let’s discuss the advantages of using them.

Advantages of membrane keypads are as follows –

The main advantage of using keypad membranes is that they are highly compact (smaller in size) and easy to carry, unlike mechanical keyboards.

Since they are slim in size, they can be used in various ways. They have a longer lifespan however they could produce a little sound while typing.

So why should you opt for a membrane keypad?

Here’s why –

Other benefits of using membrane keypads are as follows-

  • Long lasting and durable
  • Does not gets oxidized unlike other keypads
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good water resistance
  • Amazing flexibility
  • Slim and compact
  • Easy to carry
  • More effective and efficient
  • Good dust resistance
  • Usage of silver, insulation, and carbon inks
  • Greater reliability
  • Contact bounce is comparatively lesser
  • Good tactile feedback
  • Switch life is longer and better
  • Protects against moisture damage
  • Smoother application

Well, you read it right, there are just so many benefits of using a custom membrane keyboard.

What are the applications of membrane keypads?

 You can find the usage of membrane keypads at various places. These are used in household appliances, telecommunications, etc. In short they’re the best choice you can probably make for your control systems.

Here are some applications of membrane keypads-

  • Electroluminescence
  • Fiber optics
  • LEDs
  • Access control systems
  • Industrial controls
  • Computer peripheral devices
  • Outdoor applications
  • Office use
  • Telephonic systems 

What keypad membranes are mainly used for?

Keypad membranes are typically used for access control systems for apartments, buildings, restricted areas, etc as they have a few control keys typically numeric too. They not only look fascinating and attractive but very useful too.


What do we offer as a membrane keypad manufacturer?

Testing and quality of our membrane keypads-

We manufacture the best quality membrane keypads that are durable and satisfy customer’s needs and preferences. We offer a huge variety and premium quality products and ensure that no complaints are found.

Since we already discussed the amazing features and advantages of using membrane keypads it’s quite obvious how membrane keypads are a better option.

Each and every membrane keypad is properly tested and inspected before further usage to meet specific user requirements.

All the requirements are satisfied by documenting and monitoring all the products during every step. Our custom membrane keypads not only excel in performance but also deliver the best visual aesthetics that will leave you astonished!

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