Battery Sticker Manufacturer

A battery sticker is a label that gives your brand its identity. This is what tells people that yours is the brand of batteries that they need to purchase and that this sticker represents the quality of your product.


We at Anandha Print Solutions know how important it is to make the best quality battery stickers for you and we ensure that each of our battery stickers is extremely durable. We ensure that each of the stickers we manufacture can withstand the elements, be it water, salts, oils, grease, solvents, or even acids.

We also will recommend the correct sticker thickness that would be most appropriate based on your battery size. And even if you have the most stringent demands, we can cater to your needs. Whether you need stickers for special batteries such as lithium-ion batteries that are small and require heat resistant labels that do not release toxic pollutants, you need them to be corrosion-resistant, they need to tolerate extremely low temperatures – whatever your requirements, we can provide you with the labels that you want!

Print Quality

We also understand that durability is not the only criterion that needs to be kept in mind. The print quality of your battery labels is equally important. Anandha Print Solutions, therefore, offers only the best print quality for all types of battery stickers and labels.

Best in Class Battery Labels

Thanks to our intense focus on quality, our battery labels have been in high demand since we began production! Whether you need labels made out of overlay vinyl or need a customized solution, we can help you with your needs. And thanks to our commitment to research and development, we can offer our clients the best battery stickers using the latest technology, no matter how stringent the demands may be.