Dome Sticker Manufacturer

Dome sticker manufacturer

We specialize in manufacturing superior quality dome stickers that will make your product or brand stand out above the rest. Being professional manufacturer we offer wide range of stickers and our products are delivered on time, every time. The quality of our product is unmatched, and we deliver when we promise to do so.

It is a three-dimensional sticker used to promote products. These stickers come in four layers, namely adhesives, vinyl, ink, and the solution. Being a dome sticker manufacturer, we sandwich an impeccable outlook. This label is known for its anti-scratch properties. The elastic solution used in the dome label has self-healing capabilities. and hence the scratches disappear.

Dome stickers benefits & production

Also known as domed labels, bubble stickers, clear epoxy stickers, epoxy stickers, 3d stickers, are widely used in many industries as product labels and for branding. The materials used in manufacturing  are long-lasting, keeping its color vibrancy for a very long time. They are also widely used as permanent markings on products because of their durability and eye-catching dimensional 3d feature. They make the products pop and give it a high-end look as it displays the label professionally and clearly.

We also use polyurethane doming material were you get enhanced life of sticker with better crystal clear label and sticker.

Being a renowned manufacturer we use quality raw-material which are waterproof, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant. It is usually made with a clear and scratch-resistant coating which protects the design. These types of stickers are made by pouring a type of liquid resin over pre-cut stickers and allowing it to dry.

Our customized dome stickers are proven durable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It will always come out as bright and vibrant because we only use top-notch print inks and substrate materials. These stickers are chemical and abrasion-resistant and is made with a non-yellowing compound, so it can be subjected to any kind of condition and it will keep its color and design. Our customers can choose from a variety of vinyl substrates such as imported vinyl stock, imported foil stock in gold and silver, and standard Indian or imported doming solutions.

Why choose us?

Delivery Time

Our Dome sticker will be delivered within Seven days from the date of Approval

Material options

We have three options of raw materials used for dome labels. We have Budget and elegant options to choose from.

Sample Proofing

Sample proofing is available before approval of orders at minimum cost

Price Range

Our range starts from Rs 2.50 per square inches and goes up-to Rs 3.50

Qc Check

Each and every label is verified and rejected before dispatching

Damage-Free Packing

A protective layer is affixed to each and every label to avoid transit damages

Anandha Print Solutions is dedicated to delivering outstanding, long-lasting and quality range of dome stickers at exceptional turnaround times. Our team holds product consultancies in order to make sure that we clearly understand what our customers envision. During our discussions, we will listen to our customer’s requirements and clearly lay out our commitments. We also conduct quality control analysis and guarantee colour matching consistency on all our final products.

We do not deliver our dome labels to our customers until they have been fully-inspected and given the seal of approval from quality controllers by adhering to industrial standards. As a label manufacturer and supplier, we are committed to providing high quality products and customer satisfaction.

If you are interested get quote & check out our product gallery. For order inquiries, contact us today!

Application of dome labels

Dome Labels can be used in a wide variety of applications in different industries. Aside from being commonly used as product and brand labels, our offered range can also be applied to various materials such as fabric, furniture, leather, metal, and even mobile phones. These stickers can be used as decals for household appliances, vehicles, computers, restaurant equipment, leather slippers and bags, and more. Domed decals are also placed on promotional items such as diaries and other corporate gifts.

These stickers can be customized in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Whether your company needs a standard shape or custom-cut shape, a monochromatic or full-color design, we use our top-of-the-line screen printing and cutting equipment to produce outstanding dome stickers.