Weighing Scale Sticker

We are the leading manufacturers of Weighing Scale Sticker. Our organization has the right knowledge and experience in the label printing industry. These machines come in stainless steel, plastic, and powder-coated material. Our stickers have embossed buttons and shiny substrates. You can choose an LED display and LCD lights with cut-out windows. We have several vibrant pigment options at your disposal.

Features of our Weighing Scale Sticker

1) High strength embossed buttons with non-tear material

2) Using imported silver and gold shiny inks

3) Professional neat look

4) Reverse printing for durability

Materials used in manufacturing Weighing Scale Sticker

At APS we use high quality raw materials in the production of weighing machine stickers. We have a variety of materials such as polycarbonate, polyester, rigid PVC, and dome decals. Adhesives such as 3m, Nitto, Sansui and industrial glues are used for increased longevity.

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