Void Labels

Void Labels – Why Are They Important to Businesses

Security should be a top priority for every business. Not only do companies need to secure their premises and employees but they also need to make sure that their products and assets are tamper-free by using Void Labels.

There are many ways to protect different types of assets. For one, a business can install monitoring systems to keep a close watch on items of value. Another way to tighten security in an office or store is to develop strict policies to warn people from stealing or tampering with anything that the company owns.

What are void labels?

An additional way to keep your business secured is to use void labels. These labels are made of a frangible material called polyester and permanent adhesive to protect an asset or product from breach of warranty. Should label be tampered, like when someone tries to remove it in any way, a message will be displayed. Aside from that, the label won’t be removed in its entirety. You can’t also stick the void label again once it is damaged or removed. This indicates that the item has been fiddled with. In short, void stickers help improve the security of assets and products.

Why void labels for Products?

Here are some more benefits of void labels.

  1. To avoid counterfeit items

Void labels can be printed with your brand name to make sure every product you take out from your production line has your company’s seal, as well as a unique label or identification.

  1. To monitor portable assets

Void stickers are also the perfect solution to monitoring and tracking equipment and portable assets. These labels can feature your company name, a barcode, or a number for tracking purposes.

  1. To ensure the quality of the goods

Once products are taken out of factories, it will take days to reach their final destinations – retail stores. The goods can get passed on several times, which means that is a huge possibility that they can be tampered with along the way. Void stickers will indicate whether the products have been tinkered with or not, which could cause consumers to buy such items. This means that these labels can act as proof of the integrity of the products you deliver to retail stores.

  1. To ensure warranty

Once void labels are damaged it will indicate that the product or asset has been tampered with. This voids the warranty for such an item. This means that the consumer or user will no longer be able to claim on the warranty.

Other Applications of Void Stickers?

Void label applications

What makes void labels beautiful is that they are versatile tools for enhancing a business’ security. So aside from using them on goods and company assets, they can also be applied to other items, including the following:

  • Classified documents

If your company deals with sensitive documents in the workplace, including paperwork that contains client information, trade secrets, or future plans, you can apply void labels on folders and filing cabinets. Any unauthorized access to these highly classified documents will be made clear with security labels.

  • Vehicle access

Unauthorized access to newly manufactured vehicles can be prevented by using void labels on the doors. Similarly, these labels can also be used for vehicle impoundment to prove that the impounded vehicle has not been illegally used during its holding period.

  • Laboratory testing

Non-residue void labels can be used to securely mark vials used in clinical trials or experiments involving bloodwork. They can serve as unique identifiers, making it easier for medical workers to identify samples and ensure that they are not accessed by unauthorized personnel.

Bottom Line

There are a number of uses for void labels, no matter your business or product requirements. For a complete list of the kinds of void stickers that you can use, contact APS – Stickers & Labels today.