Printed Acrylic Tag

You need a clear opaque option for a tag, we have an alternative to beat your competitors. These Printed Acrylic tags have great stability and are not flexible. They are known to last longer in all weather conditions.

Every organization tends to use glass that is prone to damage from rough handling. On a serious note, we can use Acrylic tag as a pure substitute for glass. They are clear, shiny & transparent material. These tags have the ability to withstand a crash, as tested is seventeen times stronger than glass.

Why Acrylic Tag Printing?

  • Cheap
  • Easy to handle
  • Combine Customised Branding
  • Fast Supply
  • Back Printing
  • Varied Thickness
  • Dual Adaptability (Adhesive Or Screwing)

What us for Printed Acrylic Tag?

At APS we have a production capacity of around two lakh per month. We also provide the smallest order quantity of around 250 numbers. These Printed Acrylic tags can have custom holes where needed. They come in varied thicknesses, starting from 1 mm and going up to 15mm.

Uses of the Printed Acrylic Tag

1) Signs

2) Labels

3) Selling Displays

4) Attractive Signage

5) Control Panels

Advantages of using Printed Acrylic Labels
  • It holds out against temperature
  • Opaque Material
  • Built Quality
  • Easy to Print
  • Not as heavy as glass
  • Copes with many chemicals
Printed Acrylic Label- Gallery