LPG gas stove sticker

APS is ideal LPG gas stove sticker manufacturers in Chennai, India. We make these labels to resist excessive wear and tear. These labels are table-made to affix to stainless steel by using quality super-glues.

Why Us for LPG gas stove sticker?

We use polycarbonate and polyester sheets as raw-material. Our stickers can withstand detergent cleansing and spillage of oil. We give high bonding adhesive to enhance the lifetime of the sticker. These adhesives used in Lpg gas stove stickers can stand firm against heatwaves coming out of flames. Our labels can tolerate ISO flame check. We use divergent colours to give standalone looks to your stoves.

Why Use LPG gas stove Stickers?

These LPG Gas stove stickers give the means to boost your sales by outperforming your competitors. As we all know most of the gas stoves come from the same production pattern. But it is the label that matters the most.

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