Industrial Stickers Manufacturers

Industrial Stickers Manufacturers

Industrial Stickers Manufacturers

Industrial stickers need to be durable and long-lasting. These stickers are subjected to hazardous and extreme conditions.
Our manufacturing company has years of experience in producing high-quality industrial stickers. We use high-class raw materials to create stickers and sell them at a cost-efficient rate. Industrial stickers are an investment, as the materials are supposed to endure harsh weather and never fade. Our company is made up of professionals who value your input and will customize the industrial-grade stickers to your specifications.
Here is a breakdown of industrial stickers.

What is an Industrial Label?

An industrial sticker is used for product identification, safety regulations, asset tracking, and more. These labels are cost-effective alternatives to traditional metal plates.

Traditional metal plates react to chemicals, radiation, and sunlight. Meanwhile, industrial stickers do not.

Industrial stickers can match traditional metal plates as modern ones are durable, and have long-lasting prints.

What are the features our industrial labels have?

Heavy Duty Adhesive

Industrial stickers are placed on different surfaces. There are various surfaces such as steel and metal surfaces to powder-coated surfaces, and even low-energy areas. All of these surfaces require different kinds of adhesives.
Our in-house professionals are well-versed in creating formulas to ensure that the industrial adhesive will stick to the surface without issues.

Abrasion-resistant and tear-resistant

The custom industrial labels are all designed to be abrasion-resistant. It means that even if something scratches the surface of the label, it will not fade or tear off. The abrasion-resistant feature is important as it keeps the text intact to avoid confusion.

Our stickers are also tear-resistant. It has tensile strength that can withstand pressure.

UV and Heat Resistant

Industrial print labels should endure heat and sunlight. Heat causes humidity and moisture to form, which typically causes stickers to wear out. However, our industrial stickers can handle heat and sunlight. It will not fade, nor will it cause the materials to slowly degrade.

The products we offer are all waterproof and weatherproof. Exposure to water and harsh weather will not cause the materials to soften nor end up in ruin. The materials used in these stickers are all high-grade industrial materials. The stickers will not come off in case of storms or short circuits. It will stay intact and in full shape on the surface. 

Oil and Chemical Resistant

Since industrial stickers are used in difficult conditions, it needs to be oil and chemical resistant. All of our stickers are oil and chemical resistant. While it cannot prevent all types of chemicals from ruining it, the stickers can endure most types of chemicals that may drop onto its surface.


The self-laminate is more of an option that we greatly encourage. Self-laminating the industrial stickers protects the text, ensuring that the instructions on the sticker cannot be compromised by chemicals if a complication takes place.

Minimum Reflectance

Some of these industrial stickers are subjected to be exposed under the sun. On normal stickers, the reflectance will make it difficult to read important texts. We made a minimum reflectance option so that workers can see the texts even when the light is strong.

Three Primary Finishes we have for our industrial labels

Polycarbonate Decals – polycarbonate decals are subsurfaces printed or built-in on the industrial sticker. The thicknesses range from .005”-.123”. You have finishing options such as clear, velvet gloss, matte, suede, and brushed finishes.

Polyester Decals – polyester decals are flexible and highly durable decals that have extreme tensile strength. The range of thickness is between .002”-.010”.

Vinyl Decals – vinyl decals are finishes that offer various colors and finishes. The range of thickness is between .002”-.030”

Two Things You Need To Consider With Industrial Stickers 

During the planning process, here are the things you need to consider or your industrial stickers. First is the environment it will be exposed to, and the functionality your sticker will possess. 

1) Environments

Consider the environment your sticker will be on. Check the type of surface to the types of weather and temperature the place has. Include the cleaning solutions used for the equipment your sticker will be placed on or any chemical it may be exposed to.

1) Purpose

Industrial labels do not only work as cautions or instructions. These stickers may have QR codes or barcodes. The codes facilitate manufacturing, inventory, and shipping. To support the product’s usability, it may need to be embossed, cut out, or textured in some areas. There are even stickers that feature Braille and other visual icons for essential notices.


F.A.Q-Industrial Labels

The answer is no. You do not need a rectangular industrial sticker if it is not what you need for your business. Our company offers various designs and shapes that you can base your custom designs on.


One benefit of creating your own industrial sticker is having your own branding image. That branding image increases recognition.


Another benefit is that you have control over what suits your company. A generic sticker may not be suited for the environment and wear out easily. A customized sticker uses materials that are specifically tailored to endure a harsh environment.


Generic stickers do not really have specifications. Having a customized industrial sticker lets you label each part to avoid confusion.


Industrial stickers need to be durable as it is used in workplaces and equipment. Most industries that use industrial stickers have these as cautionary labels. Industrial labels need to endure everything so it can impart important information regarding protocol, safety, and speculation.

Anandha Print Solutions believes that durability is a requirement for industrial stickers. With years of experience, we created our own adhesives as well as formulas to create great labels. Our in-house team is amiable, we cater to the needs and wants of a client and deliver the best product.