Foil Sticker Manufacturer

Foil Sticker Manufacturer

We at APS are the top most foil sticker manufacturer in chennai. Most of the products sold like hotcakes today have silver and gold foil stickers. These stickers are fine and filmy kind of material suitable for publicity. We supply them to our customers to distinguish between various brands in the market. They support in bringing out simplistic designs in a stunning appearance.

Why Foil Stickers?

Foil sicker is also known as aluminium foil labels, gold & silver foil sticker. Our labels are table-made & come from a material made for printing. We also use custom made inks that are suitable for these substrates. Our labels glitter and give a rich shiny feel to products. It has water-resistance properties and is not that easy to remove. Metallic backdrop produces flashy feel which highlights the object and printed text. In comparison with paper stickers, they create a unique visual perception. 

Foil Label Materials?

Foil Labels come in less than 80 GSM both in matte and glossy finishes. We have 3m graphic material to get a better finish & strong adhesive. Additionally, a film layer will give extra protection, added thickness, & extended life.

Foil Labels Uses?

1) Product Branding
2) Specification & Identification 
3) Service Label
4) Safety Symbols
5) Garment stickers


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