Why I choose printing as a profession??

For the younger generation who are planning to start a new business, printing as a profession is one of those platforms to opt for. There are a lot of big printing organizations that are ready to do job work. As an entrepreneur in a start-up firm, you can lay a stone and become a supplier to some of the companies at your place.
Each town and city where you live has a printing hub or area like. Every company requires an associate firm or an enterprise. These firms render designing services and supply printed material as and when required. One can become an associate firm and take advantage of the opportunity around you. We a t aprints started from the scratch to become a well-established printing organisations

Initial Investments

A basic investment idea:

A) With an initial investment plan

  • One Computer
  • Designing software
  • A dedicated office room
  • Two Wheeler for commuting

B) With limited investment resources

  • Outsource Designing at initial stages
  • Do it from home
  • Public transport

Areas to focus

1) Business cards
2) Letterhead
3) Paper media printing
4) Catalogue
5) Book-lets
6) Packaging
7) Stickers
8) Signage Boards
9) Banners

How to select companies?

One should try to understand and find out the nature of business. Payment collection and working style are a must for long term business strategy. The main object here is to grow faster and with less outstanding provisions. Ensure to receive a purchase order (PO) for each transaction. In the printing business the major drawback is the credit period.

Statutory compliances:

1) Rental Agreement
2) MSME Registration
3) GST registration

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